July 17, 2014

White Is The New Black

A high school in Iowa asked some students to wear all white clothing during "spirit week festivities". Other students were requested to wear all red or blue. The three colors represent the school's colors.

However, when Blair Van Staalduine posted a picture of himself dressed in all white, school administration suspended him for "racism":

A star high school athlete in rural Marshalltown, Iowa has been suspended for three football games this fall because he posted a social media image of himself enthusiastically festooned from head to toe in white clothing during school spirit week. In the photo, he made the letter "W" with his hands -- which in this case stands for white. [...]

The student's parents say the the principal of Marshalltown High School called Van Staalduine a racist after concluding that his hand signal was a white pride symbol.

I'm not sure what the "w" hand sign was about, but I seriously doubt the school would have suspended a black student holding up a fist or a Hispanic student flashing a la raza sign.

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