July 10, 2014

BBC Goes For a Fatwa! Reports on False #GazaUnderAttack Hate Campaign

Shocking, shocking that someone reported it. You'll never hear this on MSNBC or ABC or CBS or even Fox.


Graphic images are being shared on social media to show how people have been affected by the renewed tensions between Israel and the Palestinians.

Hamas has been firing rockets from Gaza into southern Israel, which has responded with airstrikes on Gaza. Several Palestinian militants have been killed and on Tuesday it was reported that at least 15 Palestinians had been injured.

Over the past week the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack has been used hundreds of thousands of times, often to distribute pictures claiming to show the effects the airstrikes.

Some of the images are of the current situation in Gaza, but a #BBCtrending analysis has found that some date as far back as 2009 and others are from conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

You will find news like this on Jawa Report.

We praises the Beeb for risking a Fatwa declaring them Islamophobic Zionists to tell the truth. Very few news organizations will report this.

But there is something you can do about it, see below the fold.

Pollute their hashtag with Zionist showtunes!

Works for me.

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