July 10, 2014

Israel Damned If They Do Damned If They Don't


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, meanwhile, convened an emergency meeting of his Cabinet on Wednesday to discuss the crisis.

"This war is not against Hamas or another political party, but it is against the Palestinian people," he told the media afterward. "What do you call this crime? What is this crime known under international law? To kill entire families, is this collective punishment?

"This is called collective genocide."

The problem is that entire families are putting themselves at harms risk on purpose. Then when they are killed , the Palestinians point their one hand at Israel, while out the other side of their mouth they praise those willing to sacrifice themselves as human shields.


Also note the double standard, Hamas says any Israeli is a legitimate target, all of them. Civilians, mothers, babies. Whatever. Killing Jews is Halal you see.

But when one of them dies, oh my. Then the double narrative starts, calling it murder when at the same time praising the so called martyrs.

You have to watch the Prince of Lies. He's got you coming and going. You just have to stand up for yourself. And Israel is almost the last nation willing to stand against Islamic terrorists. Because they have little choice other than to defend themselves.

While we on the other hand, our President can Play pool while Rome burns and call for "restraint".

Lets face it, the west is screwed, unless it gets its act together very soon.

It seems to me that this has escalated very quickly, and sometimes I think every death in Israel is seen as political. Sometimes a murder or kidnapping is just that. But in the context of the conflict, we in the west are lucky enough to have the time and space to question these things. Whereas in Israel the dress rehearsal for the destruction of their nation is always on.

My whole life there has always been an Israel, with its current borders for the most part, what it has not given away recently for "peace". And the Palestinians have always been idiots, consumed with recovering a past that never existed. Always more concerned with hate and destruction than with making themselves a better future in spite of most of the world's wishes for them.

I and I think a lot of the world would support and help them, but those helping or supporting them can count on two things, the Palestinians Jew hatred screwing it up and a knife in the back. Its not worth helping them when they won't help themselves.

I'm pretty worried that rather than the usual ass whoppoin dealt out by the Israelis followed by a Hudna or peaceful period in which the Palestinians lick their wounds, I'm worried that this time it may indeed spin out of control.

To the North Lebanon and Syria are a mess, to the south, Egypt to the East Jordan is the last bastion of stability, but ISIS is eyeing Jordan from Iraq.

WWIII is about 13 years old now and it shows no signs of fading. Can we call it WWIII yet? I should think so, there's few parts of the world not affected by some sort of conflict with Islamic terrorists. The only reason we won't call it that is our own sensitivity about religion. We don't want to credit radical Islam with the power it currently holds. How long can we afford this denial?

It seems to me this could all go to sh*t for lack of a better term any time. I hope not. I've been raising alarms about Islamic terrorism and its doctrine being spread on the internet for some time. I was called alarmist, Zionist and an Islamophobe.

But now, after all this, the bud of terrorism has indeed bloomed while western freedom and liberty wilts away.

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