July 09, 2014

In Which Rusty and the Jawa Report, Once Again, Are Sued

Apparently I'm being sued again. Unlike the President, who is informed of important events by the media, I am informed of important life changing events by co-bloggers (Howie & DMartyr) who read blogs (Creeping Sharia) who read other blogs (Bare Naked Islam) who read stuff in the MSM.

I guess Howie already kind of posted about this yesterday, but I'm in the process of trying to sell my house so I wasn't able to comment.

But, at the advice of my lawyer, Rusty Shackleford, no comment.

Right, like that was going to happen.

Here's the scoop:

A Muslim “multicultural relations officer” for Ohio’s Office of Homeland Security claims in court that Internet bloggers defamed him and cost him his job by posting that he was an “Islamist mole” who sympathized with terrorists.

Omar Alomari sued the City of Columbus, Todd Alan Sheets, Stephen Coughlin, John Guandolo, Patrick Poole and a John Doe known on the Internet as “Rusty Shackleford,” in Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.

Alomari was hired as a full-time multicultural relations officer in 2006 by the Office of Homeland Security (OHS), and was in charge of building relationships between the state agency and the Muslim community.

After he published two articles on Islamic culture and radicalization in 2007, Alomari says, “defendant Poole began writing a series of articles condemning individuals and organizations within Central Ohio’s Muslim communities as terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.”

Alomari claims Poole also began making public records requests for emails and other communications from the multicultural relations officer to Muslims in his area.

After the records requests, Alomari says, defendant Shackleford – who operates a blog called the Jawa Report – “began posting articles claiming that plaintiff had ties to terrorists, terrorist organizations, and/or organizations with links to terrorism.”

The complaint states: “the Jawa Report (a) labeled plaintiff an ‘Islamist mole,’ a ‘radicalized fox,’ ‘a former agent of a foreign government,’ and ‘a lying scumbag,’ (b) alleged that plaintiff was an ‘information pipeline’ to terrorists, (c) asserted that plaintiff’s work ‘help[ed] encourage radicalization,’ and (d) alleged that plaintiff ‘escorted’ terrorists into OHS.

“The Jawa Report alleged that plaintiff ‘liked to have sex with pretty blond-haired, blue-eyed infidel coeds,’ and labeled plaintiff ‘a serial sexual harasser.’”

I'm not sure why having sex with pretty blond-haired, blue-eyed infidel coeds is considered a bad thing by this guy. But, you know, to each his own. I'll mention the goats, too, if he thinks that'll help his reputation any. Bros before hoes, that's our motto around the Sandcrawler.

This guy named me in a lawsuit once before. The case was dropped. He also sued the university that fired him for sexual harassment because ... discrimination, phobes! He lost that, too.

Are we seeing a pattern here?

Anyway, this guy was working for the government at the time which means that we can pretty much write whatever we want to write about him (See: New York Times v. Sullivan) so long as we believed what we were writing was true (the "actual malice" test), there's no grounds for the lawsuit.

Moreover, I didn't personally write any of what he alleges. Somebody else, a former co-blogger, did. And I only "published" it in the sense that I gave a guy I met on the internet a login and password and permission to write stuff and press the little "publish" button.

So, sue me. You've just named an alias used by a cartoon character in a lawsuit.

I hope your lawyer isn't being paid on commission. America can't afford yet another lawyer on the welfare.

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