July 03, 2014

Where's Rusty? High Velocity And Cholesterol Edition

He's moving to Colorado, but not for quite the same reason Howie is.

It's called Shooters Grill and it is located in Rifle, Colo., so naturally, the waitresses pack heat.


The burger joint, about 180 miles west of Denver, embraces the firearms theme with menu items like the "M16 burrito," "Smith & Wesson Grilled Cheese" and "Locked and Loaded Nachos." The salt and pepper shakers are made from shotgun shells. But the biggest Second Amendment statement is in the guns waitresses carry, including the Rueger Blackhawk .357 Ashlee Saenz sports.

Oh my....


Hot serving wenches packing hot iron. America Dammit!



See I'm kinda for customers checking open carry guns at the door, because, you know crazies.

But I also figure that in any establishment that requires checking I visit if someone needs shooting its the owners responsibility to pop a cap in their ass. so I can continue by meal undisturbed.


Looks like I can look forward to a nice peaceful dinner, no?

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