July 02, 2014

ISIS Begins Campaign to Take Iraqis' Guns

Never trust an Islamic State that does not trust its own Ummah with guns.

The other Sunni rebel groups, made up of former Iraqi military personnel, tribal elements and adherents of Saddam Hussein's Baath party, face a dilemma.

Tribal and rebel military sources say that after two days of talks in Mosul, they have been told that they must take an oath of allegiance to the new caliphate, and that only fighters from the Islamic State are allowed to bear arms.

Even if they take the oath, other fighters will still have to hand in their weapons.

As one senior rebel source put it, "our revolution has been hijacked".

But he said the other groups did not intend to engage in what they believed would be a losing battle with the Islamic State, which is rapidly consolidating its grip on the mainly Sunni areas that fell to its advance three weeks ago.

The non-Isis rebels are dismayed, and bitter that the Americans, who are giving $500m (290m) to similar rebel groups in Syria, regard them as terrorists because they joined the insurgency against the US forces here, but later fought and expelled al-Qaeda.

What Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi really wants is to take Mohammad's seat or be Iraq's next Saddam. He's not interested in the Ummah or the Caliphate but his own power. Iraqi's need to ask themselves, can you really trust a former brainwashed GITMO detainee? I mean really. No telling what the American's did to him or who he's working for. (Just sewing Fitna ;-) )

So my advice to Iraqis in the General Revolutionary council is DON'T GIVE al-BAGHDADI YOUR GUNS! THAT'S INSANE. Not even Saddam took your guns.

Point 2. Dump that POS Euroweenie constitution and form a democratic republic with a limited Federal government, so that each region of Iraq gets a say in how it's run.

Point 3. If it's ISIS, it's foreign interference in your affairs. Probably controlled by the Jews and Americans. Kill it.

And that's about it.

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