July 01, 2014

Obama Asks Israel Not To "Destabilize The Situation"

Come on, Israel. Just allow your (and our) children to be kidnapped and murdered. Don't do anything that might upset the Muhammadan hordes.

After all, a few murderous abductions of innocent civilians is part of the peace process!

President Obama urged Israeli leaders not to “destabilize the situation” following the discovery of the bodies of three teenagers, including one American citizen, who were kidnapped by Hamas, according to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

UPDATE: Breitbart adds more on the weak words by a weak president (Thanks, Howie!):

President Obama expressed his "deepest condolences" to the family of the slain teenagers. He added: "I also urge all parties to refrain from steps that could further destabilize the situation." President Obama did not accuse Hamas of this despicable act nor did he say our government would assist Israel in its search for security and justice. Obama has once again called for "restraint" and "stability." Does he mean that Jihadists should refrain from Jihad because it is "de-stabilizing" the entire Middle East or does he mean, more likely, that Israel should "refrain" from defending itself?

White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, also said: "We obviously condemn in the strongest possible terms violence that takes the lives of innocent civilians."

This is a very unsatisfying and peculiar statement. To what is Earnest referring? This could apply to anyone anywhere at any time. It's lack of specificity is cruel and insulting.

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