June 22, 2014

Digging A Hole

And its getting deeper and deeper...

Nevermind all the other scandals perpetrated by this administration. The IRS scandal alone should be enough to bring down any administration (and would if this were a Republican administration.)

We have a computer crash that deleted emails on an individual computer. The hard drive on that computer was destroyed. The IRS hired an email archiving company to preserve emails through 2009, but that contract was canceled only days after the computer crash that deleted Lerner's emails.

What we have is a deliberate and concerted effort to eliminate evidence. This by itself is a huge scandal, but every day its getting worse and worse.

Why are bloggers and twitters doing all the uncovering? Congress, the Justice Department, committees, special prosecutors, etc. all seem to be complete impotent. The left-wing media is complicit in the cover-ups. It is only the works of bloggers and the pajama media that is exposing this scandal.

What has happened to our government? Not only is there this impotence and incompetence, but where is the accountability?

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