June 19, 2014

I'm Apparently Racist Against Nazism?

Just a few thoughts this morning on Political correctness.

Absolutely no one would accuse people of racism for opposing the Nazi ideology. If you oppose Nazism does that make you racist against Germans?.

No it doesn't and rightfully so, I don't think I need even explain why. But here.


But if you oppose the doctrine of radical Islam. The utter brutality, anti Semitism, and continuous war that plagues much of the Islamic World, they there will be all kinds of folks coming out of the woodwork.

How can opposing this make you racist against Muslims?

It would seem to me that its Muslims themselves doing mOst all the suffering and dying here?

I really hope that some day the Islamic world gets its belly full of blood and guts murder and finds peace. That it can find prosperity and safety for all its people.

That no Muslim will ever have his head sawed off by a masked butcher for being an example of the wrong kind of Muslim.

But unfortunately, given the amount of time I've spent studying this issue since we were attacked in 2001, I wouldn't advise anyone to hold their breath waiting for that day.

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