June 18, 2014

Cornhole Watch: Everyone Please Welcome Ahmed Abu Khattala To America

Khattala begins his tour with a nice long ocean cruise aboard a fine US vessel. We're sorry about the lack of a window in his cabin, but we were all booked up.

NY Times:

CAIRO — Ahmed Abu Khattala was always open about his animosity toward the United States, and even about his conviction that Muslims and Christians were locked in an intractable religious war. “There is always hostility between the religions,” he said in an interview. “That is the nature of religions.”


During the assault on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, Mr. Abu Khattala was a vivid presence. Witnesses saw him directing the swarming attackers who ultimately killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

aptured by military commandos and law enforcement agents early on Monday, Mr. Abu Khattala may now help address some of the persistent questions about the identity and motives of the attackers.

The motive of the attackers? Maybe Mr. Khattala's views on religion have something to do with it. I mean, "Always hostility between religions." He believes Islam is in an intractable never ending religious war with Christianity. Now where would he get a silly idea like that?

Anyway, upon disembarking from his cruise Mr. Khattala will be staying at the crossbar motel also window free. We've taken the liberty of reserving him a room for the next 20 to 30 years.

I''m sure we can make arrangements for him to stay further should he enjoy his visit as much as we all hope he does. Possibly some of his friends will also be joining him on the tour very soon. We don't want him to feel too lonely.

Its called American hospitality.

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