June 17, 2014

Oliver Willis Like Kryptonite to Donuts

Media Matters has its panties all in a wad about a Muslima asking a question at a Heritage Foundation panel.

Speakers at a Heritage Foundation panel mocked a Muslim student who pointed out that Muslim Americans were not represented at the forum and stated that conservative rhetoric on Islam is often starkly negative.

On June 17, Heritage held an event to discuss the September 2012 attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya. The event was led by Andrew McCarthy, a conservative commentator and former federal prosecutor who recently released a book claiming that President Obama's response to the Benghazi attacks constitutes an impeachable offense. Several panelists at the forum have long records of inflammatory rhetoric about Islam.

Dana Milbank detailed the event in his June 16 Washington Post column:

But then they went and posted the actual video of the panel.
That description of events generated a bit of controversy last night, as many conservatives doubted the overall accuracy of Milbank’s picture.

Well, Media Matters captured the video from Heritage’s livestream, and now it is available for all to view. Watch below and decide (the main exchange starts around 4:15):

Oliver The Donut Willis chimes in about so called Religious bigotry.

Oliver, I don't think that debating a Muslima on the finer points of Islamic Terrorism constitutes religious bigotry.

But I've an actual example of religious bigotry for you.

At 29:26 they change an anti-Christ(ian) slogan, "Break the Crosses and destroy the grandsons of Monkeys." Referring to Jesus' Jewishness and Christianity's heritage as religion having its roots in Jewish theology.

But I'm pretty sure they didn't mean it like it sounds because Islam is a Religion of Peace and they respect People of the Book.

I've got a few more here. And here too.

Note that every person murdered in the above examples are Muslim. Some are Shia Muslims murdered by ISIS for being Shia, Others are Sunnis murdered for fighting against the harsh ultra brutal version of Islam that ISIS practices. Others may be Sufis or Christians whom ISIS murders on sight.

Some Sunnis in some of the videos are gathered together and given a choice to repent and join ISIS or die.

But Media Matters is too busy pointing their partisan fingers at conservatives to actually fight real religious bigotry.

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