June 13, 2014

Obama Sends Message To Iraq: 'Come Together'

This administration just doesn't get it. These terrorists believe it is their religious and moral duty to conquer for Allah. They don't want a part in government, they want to control everything. They don't care about money, land, country, family, or peace. All they want is a world-wide caliphate.

The only choice they will give us is to convert, submit or die.

The Obama administration delivered a message Friday to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, as Al Qaeda-inspired militants took control of more cities on their march toward Baghdad, reportedly leaving a trail of decapitated government forces in their wake:

"Come together."

Secretary of State John Kerry delivered the message, putting the onus on the Maliki government to "put sectarian differences aside and to come together in unity to begin to be more representative and inclusive."

Yeah, that will work. /s

If that doesn't, Obama threatened to gather his administration together to sing "Give Peace A Chance" until the terrorists relent.

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