June 11, 2014

Butt Ugly Would-be Florida Jihadist Found Guilty

Sami Osmakac, convicted Florida jihadist

The cornhole? Yeah, say goodbye to it:

Sami Osmakac, the Kosovo-born man who threatened to stage a "second 9/11" attack here, was convicted Tuesday of both terrorism-related charges brought against him....

After six hours of deliberation, the jury convicted him of possessing an unregistered AK-47 and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction, a reference to the car bomb, six grenades and suicide vest he planned to use. Judge Mary S. Scriven scheduled his sentencing hearing for Oct. 7.

I have a few of his videos posted here, including one in which he assaults some Christians assembled to protest some kind of porn convention and another one which calls us infidels "animals".

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