June 11, 2014

Dog Bites Man: ISIS Takes Over Turkish Consulate in Mosul

But don't worry, ISIS claims that the consul general and the 45+ other Turks being held against their will aren't "hostages" ... they're holding them pending an "investigation". If they're being "investigated" for "crimes" them I'm pretty sure we know what the outcome will be.

Why is this a dog bites man story? Because the vast majority of foreign jihadists in ISIS's ranks came through Turkey, which today mostly ignores the problem and up until last year was actively encouraging them to do so and helping them on their way.

The silver lining here is that maybe this will push Turkey into taking more action in securing it's borders. And maybe, if we're lucky, they'll take some military action against ISIS strongholds in Syria.

Update by Howie: Rusty says above, I'm pretty sure we know what the outcome will be...

Right on time:

Police officials also told the British Telegraph that the group had freed some 300 inmates in a city prison there and made advances in parts of Kirkuk; local authorities have reported mass beheadings throughout the city.
Mass beheadings? The cell phone networks there must be simply overloaded with bloodcurdling snuff porn downloading, but mostly peaceful, followers of the Religion of Peas.

The above victims appear to be shot.

Hat Tip: Pat.

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