June 10, 2014

Extra Super Good News : al-Qaeda in Iraq (ISIS) Takes Mosul From Iraqi Army

Obama like totally ended the war in Iraq you know.

BAGHDAD — Iraqi army soldiers abandoned their weapons and fled the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Tuesday, as Sunni militants seized military bases, police stations and the provincial governor’s headquarters. The rout in Mosul, the second largest Iraqi city after Baghdad and an important oil center, was a major defeat for the government’s forces.

By midday, militants believed to belong to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, an extremist group, were in control of much of central and southern Mosul, according to witnesses. Local officials claimed that many of the fighters were jihadists who had swept in from the porous border with neighboring Syria.

As hundreds of families fled Mosul, the bodies of slain soldiers, police officers and civilians were seen lying in streets. “They took control of everything, and they are everywhere,” said one soldier who fled the city, and gave only his first name, Haidar.

Lets see just what did we go through to take Mosul?

More here at The Beeb.

Update: An estimated 150 thousand people, mostly Muslims, have fled ISIS for Kurdish ruled areas.

Update: Some video from Mosul.

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