June 09, 2014

Arab Fall! Egyptians Celebrate Sissi's Inauguration by Raping Women Celebrating Sissi's Inauguration

Egypt: What a sh*thole. At this rate they might catch up with Pakistan.

Googlish: Ordered on behalf of the Palace of the Nile, headed by Judge Samir Hassan, Monday, sentenced six defendants 4 days in an incident of harassment by 5 girls in Tahrir Square during the celebration of the inauguration of President Sisi, and ordered the prosecution to deposit accused Event care home, and attributed the prosecution of defendants charges of harassment and indecent assault and bullying, kidnapping and fraud.

The prosecutor ordered the victim to refer them to a forensic medical examination to sign them and determine the injuries to them and write a detailed report on the status of each victim on them.

Investigations revealed Amr Awad, Director on behalf of the Palace of the Nile, the accused of molesting a 5 girls during the celebration in Tahrir Square inauguration Sisi President of the Republic, and the prosecution introduced the accused to the victim they were identified, confirmed the victims were that the defendants are they molesting HTC put them before in the field .

She said the girls they Fujin number of young people, who is the field are asked to walk in the corridors of certain pretext of fear of being harassed and they were walking Fujin a large number of young people is harassing and touching sensitive parts of Gesdhen and the evolution of it, to do the defendants work circle and Mhasrthen and prevent them from going out and tearing off their clothes and takes them off.

The prosecution asked for the videos show harassment incident to identify the suspects, and on the other side denied the defendants in connection with the incident, and said that the police arrested them at random

Here is one of the videos in question. Be warned its extremely violent and the poor woman is stripped and bleeding. It appears to be after the main assault as the crowd moves her to an ambulance.

Nuking the ME. Its too good for them.

Hat Tip: Sarah.

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