June 05, 2014

NYT Reporter: Taliban Is Better Than Americans Because They Give Prisoners Spiffy New Clothes

Aryn Baker, a New York Times reporter, seems to think the Taliban are really a bunch of good guys because they gave custom clothing to Bergdahl while keeping him imprisoned (all emphasis mine):

Those selected to physically hand Bergdahl over to U.S. officials at a pre-arranged location on the other side of the border in Afghanistan rehearsed the messages they wanted to convey to the American people. A videographer was assigned to cover the event, for propaganda purposes. And those closest to Bergdahl commissioned a local tailor to make him a set of the local tunic and trousers in white, which, given as a gift, denotes a gesture of respect.

Clothing seems to be a major issue of character to Baker. Sure, the Taliban are notorious for hanging or beheading prisoners, but giving clothing is a sign of respect. That makes them good guys in the eyes of Baker.

Later, during an interview with Gretchen Carlson, Baker said:

What they are doing is trying to preserve their honor. In Afghan culture, in Pashtun culture, it is very important to treat all guests, whether they be there under their own volition or not, with honor. And, so by presenting him with tailor made clothes, with a turbin, and treating him well, getting him food. They're saying, 'Look we treat our detainees better than you did, you Americans with your orange jumpsuits.."

I wonder if they also offered Bergdahl the holy book of his choice, movie nights, access to a whole library, legal representation, American food, and better medical care than given to their veterans.

I think not.

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

Update by Howie: You know the rule!

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