June 05, 2014

Speculation: Bergdahl Thought He, Not Obama, Was Messiah Who Could Talk the Taliban Into Being Nice

So, does this mean that he was merely AWOL and not a deserter? The key difference being that someone who is AWOL plans to come back. AllahP has a pretty lengthy piece cobbling together a plausible counter narrative to the "Bergdahl was a traitor who joined the Taliban" and the "Bergdahl was a naive idiot trying to walk to India" narrative.

Unfortunately, this one doesn't paint Bergdahl in much better light. This one claims Bergdahl had a messiah complex and thought that his singular awesomeness would be enough to talk the Taliban into ... get this ... a negotiated truce.

Which makes him sound even more insane. Also, it makes him sound exactly like our Commander in Chief:

That’s the kook theory in a nutshell. Bergdahl may well have been disgusted with the U.S. and its mission and left to seek out the Taliban — not to “actively collaborate” with them, though, but to fulfill some odd fantasy that he was going to negotiate the end of the war. Remember, there are reports that he tried to escape from the Taliban at least twice. None of that would absolve him from the charge of desertion but it would challenge the suspicion, raised by former squad mates Evan Buetow and Justin Gerleve, that he was helping the Taliban improve the precision of their attacks on U.S. convoys.
Plausible? About as plausible as any of the other scenarios.

And yet, if true, the fact that we would call Bergdahl a kook for thinking in the precise manner as Barack Obama and the entire State Department says a lot about our current state of political affairs.

Let me just also note that I'm not particularly invested in this or any other theories as to why Bergdahl left his post. I'm just throwing it out there as one of a number of plausible theories. Take a look at AllahP's post, apparently a number of news agencies have tried to track down the letter Bergdahl has been alleged to have left behind when he deserted and can't find it.

Even more speculation by Howie: If wonder if there are boobies below the fold?

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