June 04, 2014

Combat Outpost Zerok

A few days ago I mentioned two soldier who were killed indirectly because of Bowe Bergdahl's desertion. The soldiers were Private First Class Aaron Fairbairn and Private First Class Justin Casillas .

(PFCs Justin Casillas and Aaron Fairbairn)

The video below is the story about the attack on their unit.

A little background, from Michelle Malkin:

"Combat Outpost Zerok was almost overrun, multiple soldiers were wounded and PFCs Justin Casillas and Aaron Fairbairn lost their lives fighting that day," the soldier told me. (I wrote about their deaths in my July 8, 2009 column, not knowing they were related to the Bergdahl mess.) My source continued: "We learned later that our exfiltration aircraft were diverted to support COP Zerok, and that the situation there was so dire that at one point there were two Apache gunships on station that went winchester, meaning they expended all ordinance and ammunition, but they would not abandon the soldiers still fighting so they resorted to low level unarmed passes to distract the enemy. PFC Bergdahls actions undoubtedly caused these events. We spent the remainder of Independence Day walking in the desert…waiting for aircraft that did not come for many, many hours."

He added that PFCs Casillas and Fairbairn were part of his "sister battalion, 3rd Battalion 509th Infantry (Airborne). That is an Independence Day I will never forget for sure. It is certain that enemy forces took full advantage of our vulnerabilities caused by DUSTWUN recovery operations. Combat Outpost Zerok was just one of several small outposts attacked that day while 4-25(A) was spread very thin searching for PFC Bergdahl. There is no doubt his actions led to these coordinated attacks, and without his desertion PFCs Casillas and Fairbairn would not have given their lives that day."

Malkin relates stories from several other soldiers affected by Bergdahl's desertion. Read it all.

The video:

Update by Howie: Repeat after me, I will forget Bowe. I will forget Bowe.(below the fold)

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