June 04, 2014

Report: al Qaeda Totally on the Run, 50% More Jihadis This Year than 3 Years Ago

So, if Obama's policies to defeat al Qaeda are working so much better than George W. Bush's, then why are there way more al Qaeda today then when George W. Bush was in office?

This isn't rocket science. When you have a mixture of policies meant to decrease something, and instead it radically increases ... then you know you're doing something wrong. Something very, very wrong:

The threat to the U.S. from global jihadist groups has escalated in the past three years, with the number of groups increasing by more than 50% and the estimated number of militants doubling, according to a report to be released on Thursday.

The report by the Rand Corp. think tank, which used public data to take a kind of global census of al Qaeda and related groups, will say the civil war in Syria has been the largest driver of the growth of jihadist activity. Syria is the location that has seen the greatest growth in number of groups and numbers of militants, which now make up more than half of the number of al Qaeda-sympathizing jihadists world-wide.

Obama: Let's give this guy another Nobel Peace Prize.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:38 AM | Comments |