June 03, 2014

Arab Spring! New Egyptian Government Blames Who For Morsi's MB Rule? ..... Oh Come On Just Guess

Wait for it. You know its coming.

An Egyptian court that sentenced to death 37 Islamists and handed life terms to 492 others has defended its verdict, saying the men were “demons” who followed Jewish scripture.

The court in the central city of Minya had triggered international outrage earlier this year for sentencing to death hundreds of alleged supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Mursi in two separate mass trials which only lasted minutes.

So who did the brotherhood blame for their fall from power? I'll give you one guess.
By supporting the coup in Egypt, he proves to be concerned about interests rather than moral obligation, and subject to pressure by the Zionist lobby, which believes this coup serves the security of Israel."

He also accuses Israel of accelerating the end of Morsi’s rule by playing a major role in planning the coup...

Shocking! Da Jooooos! Is there anything they are not behind?

Don't answer that ;-)

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