June 03, 2014

Bob Bergdahl Just Hanging With Specially Designated Terrorists on Youtube

Hey there's Bob hanging out with Anwar. Crispy crispy Anwar.

But that's not the only terrorist Bob follows on Youtube.

Here he is hanging out just watching pro Taliban propaganda, including one user suspended for repeated violations of Youtube's policy on violence.

* I don't know why you people can't follow the rules!

Here he is commenting on Anham Jabril's official Youtube channel. Ahmad is the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command.

Ahmad's organization is recognized as a specially designated terrorist entity by the United States.

Now I'm not really sure about Bob, I mean he wouldn't be the first false flag troll blowing smoke up the Taliban's ass over the internet now would he?

But if that's so once Bowe was "safe" why not drop the act? At least to some extent. Is he trying to protect others? I dunno. But....

* And one more thing, The Rule is not that Jawas can't blog about the Bergdahl. Its just that if you do, you must post bewbs.

Bergdahl what? Who?

** Another rule....

** Huh? What'd you want?

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