June 02, 2014

Sudan Backtracks, Won't Free Woman Sentenced To Death

An update to this story.

A Sudanese woman sentence to death for apostasy will still face an appeals court which will decide whether or not to carry out the sentence.

Over the weekend, hopes Meriam Ibrahim, who recently gave birth while in a Sudanese prison with her 20-month-old son, would be released were buoyed when Abdullahi al-Azreg, an undersecretary at the foreign ministry, said the nation believes in religious freedom and was committed to her protection.

But another foreign ministry official walked back that statement on Sunday, according to BBC, issuing a statement saying that the Sudanese judicial system is the only authority that can rule on the case.

"The defense team of the concerned citizen has appealed the verdict... and if the appeals court rules in her favor, she will be released," the ministry said in the statement.

Ibrahim's husband, Daniel Wani, who has dual Sudanese and American citizenship, told the BBC he had been skeptical from the beginning, after reports surfaced saying his wife would be freed.

When I posted the story of her release, I had my doubts. But like so many others, I really wanted it to be so.

We will just have to wait and find out her fate. If only the Obama Administration put as much effort into saving her as they put into bringing home one deserter and freeing five Taliban commanders.

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