June 02, 2014

Out: No Negotiating With Terrorists, In: We Can Make Deals w/ Terrorists

The real scandal in the Bowe Bergdahl exchange? The Obama administration has just overturned decades of US policy which said that we will not negotiate with terrorists. And any one that thinks there is a lick of difference between al Qaeda and the Taliban is either a) stupid; b) an academic organizational theorist; c) State Department employee.

Also, a - c aren't mutually exclusive categories.

The Pakistanis have been "negotiating" with their version of the Taliban for over a decade now. Yes, there are on again off again truces, but how's that working out for Pakistan? The best they can hope for is getting their Taliban to attack in Afghanistan, and not on their own soil.

So, let's assume that the Bergdahl release was part of a "faithbuilding" exercise on the part of the State Department, as they claim. Are these people nucking futs? Do they understand anything about the ideology behind the Taliban? An ideology that thinks democracy itself is sinful behavior? How do you "build faith" with an ideology which is simply incompatible with modern secular values?

Answer: You can't.

Because, duh!

What's the point of negotiating with the Taliban? None. Most of our troops are out the door at the end of the year, the rest of them at the end of next year.

What could the Taliban possible give us in exchange for us doing exactly what they've wanted all along? A promise that they will behave themselves after we leave, super serial pinky promise swear on that?

If John Kerry is after a Nobel Prize -- which may be at the heart of these negotiations -- let us remember another Nobel Peace Prize winner who also ended a war when the enemy also super serial pinky promised that they wouldn't fight any more: Henry Kissinger for negotiating a settlement with the North Vietnamese.

How'd that work out for us?

If we've already given up in Afghanistan, then let's get those troops the hell out of Dodge. There's no reason to negotiate. There's no particular reason to hang around.

If the Afghans want freedom, democracy, and human rights, let them fight for it.

And when the Taliban comes back to power or the country descends into chaos -- then we bomb the hell out of them again.

It turns out that invading a country over and over again might actually be cheaper and cost less lives then occupying it and trying to modernize it.

Eventually they'll learn the lesson not to allow people who want to f*ck with us to set up shop. Or they won't and it won't matter any longer because they're all dead.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:00 PM | Comments |