May 30, 2014

American Suicide Bomber in Syria from Florida, of Middle Eastern Background

We still don't have a name for Abu Huraira al-Amriki, the kittay loving American who blew himself up in Syria last week (hopefully no kitties were hurt in the making of the suicide bombing video). But the feds are now confirming that he is an American, of Middle Eastern descent, and who grew up in Florida:

A United States citizen who blew himself up in a suicide attack in Syria on Sunday was of Middle Eastern descent and in his 20s, and grew up in Florida, two senior law enforcement officials said. The American authorities became aware of his presence in Syria in the past year.

The man, who has been identified in jihadist social media by the nom de guerre Abu Huraira al-Amriki, helped carry out a bombing involving a large truck on Sunday in the northern province of Idlib. United States officials said they believed it was the first time an American had been involved in a suicide attack in Syria.

If any one recognizes the guy or finds his real name anywhere, do me a favor and email me.

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