May 27, 2014

Mass Murder of Muslims in Iraq (by other Muslims because they weren't the right kind of Muslim)

19 in a mosque:

A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a Shi'ite mosque in central Baghdad on Tuesday, killing at least 19 people, security and medical sources said.

A Reuters photographer at the site of the blast in the busy district of Shorja said the mosque's walls were blackened with smoke, blood streaked the ceiling, and prayer mats were strewn around.

Most of the victims were merchants and shopkeepers from the area who had gone to pray. Policeman Abbas Inad told Reuters: “The bomb was so big and stuffed with tiny metal balls to kill as many people as possible."

Four more elsewhere:
Elsewhere in the capital, roadside bombs in the Sadr City and Dura districts left two people dead.

Bombings in the main northern city of Mosul killed another two people.

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