May 23, 2014

Top Us General: Al Qaeda Not on the Run

It's almost like our Commander in Chief was lying to get elected. Nah, that's just right wing paranoia. Won't you unpatriotic wingnuts stop criticizing mu President!?!?

Depmsey warned that instability in the Middle East and North Africa had allowed the al Qaeda to take advantage of it with an “arc” running across the region starting from Pakistan.

“Now you find these groups are spread across an arc that runs roughly from Pakistan across the Arabian Peninsula, across the Middle East and North Africa and all the way down into Nigeria with Boko Haram,” Dempsey said.

“But we also have to realise something has changed close to home – the eastern flank and southern flank – and that requires us to refocus on the threats that are real,” Dempsey said.

It's tragic to think that people actually believed that killing bin Laden constituted defeating al Qaeda.

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