May 23, 2014

A Lesson In Quranic Abrogation

In order to understand any enemy, it is important to understand the ideology that fuels them. While there are many peaceful Muslims who focus on peaceful verses in the Quran, the fact is, they ignore one principal that is unique to the religion of Islam - The Principal of Abrogation.

Abrogation means to overrule, to make null and void or to overturn earlier revelations and or commandments by the later ones.

The Quran is unique among all the holy scriptures of other peoples since it is the only one that allows the God of Muhammad, Allah, to keep changing his mind regarding his alleged revelations to Muhammad. This means that Allah revealed something to Muhammad at an earlier time but later on changed the revelation. [...]

As shocking a realisation as this is, the fact remains, none the less, that Muhammad's Quran contains abrogated and abrogating verses in 71 suras (chapters) out of 114 comprising 62% of all the suras of the Quran that have had verses changed, overruled or deleted.

Read it all. Knowledge is power.

A list of all abrogated verses, and the verse that abrogated them, can be found HERE.

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