May 22, 2014

NY: Muslim Man On Trial For Beating Wife To Death

He claims it was his right to beat her.

A Brooklyn man went on trial Wednesday for savagely beating his wife to death because she made the wrong meal for him - but his lawyer claimed he just tried to discipline her according to their culture.

Pakistani immigrant Noor Hussain, 71, left his wife Nazar, 66, covered with bruises and with severe head injuries after the 2011 beatdown inside their Midwood home. [...]

Defense lawyer Julie Clark didn't dispute that her client - who was sitting silently in court, leaning on a cane - had fatally beat his wife. But she argued that killing her was not his intention.

"He culturally believed he had the right to hit his wife and to discipline his wife," she said. "He comes from a culture where he thinks this is an appropriate conduct."

I wonder where he got the idea that it was appropriate to beat his wife?

If there is really a hell, it can't be much worse than being born a woman in an Islamic country.

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