May 22, 2014

Bulls 3, Matadors 0

Go bulls!

MADRID (AP) - Spanish bulls have scored a symbolic victory at Madrid's prestigious Las Ventas ring by injuring three matadors and forcing organizers to call off the bullfight.

The fight, the 12th of the famed San Isidro festival, was stopped late Tuesday after bulls gored two matadors and tossed a third into the air.

Las Ventas said it was the first time in 35 years a fight was stopped at the ring because of matador injuries.

Just to keep it fair, the bulls should have been allowed to kill the matadors.

Bull fighting is a cruel, sadistic "sport." The animals are maimed and mutilated before the match to give the matador an advantage. After exhausting the bull, the matadors will repeatedly stab it until it bleeds to death.

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