May 21, 2014

UK Muslimas: Kidnapping, Raping, Forcibly Converting, And Selling Nigerian School Girls Liberates Them

Clueless and stupid western women willingly embrace Islam and then have the audacity to speak for oppressed girls living in Islamic countries. Yet none of these western converts commit themselves to live under draconian Islamic laws in Sharia lands.

" is no surprise that tens of thousands of women around the world embrace Islam every year - because Islam is the only religion that liberates women from the shackles of slavery, and subservience to human beings.[...]

So no one should be surprised at the conversion to Islam of the Nigerian schoolgirls. We pray and we ask Allah for the safe return of all our sisters, such as Aafia Siddiqui, our sisters forgotten in Saudi prisons, and our sisters all over the world."

Read more at Jihad Watch.

The video from MEMRI:


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