May 21, 2014

"They Took My Joy."

This is the goal of Islamic terrorists, not just to take away lives, but to take away the joy in life. This man's sad story is all too common. And yet western governments still refuse to acknowledge the Islamic scourge infesting our civilized world.

Magdalene Stephen was often the first thing her father would see when he woke up. The 6-year-old girl took delight in stirring her father from sleep to nuzzle in for a hug.

"Magdalene was my heart," Stephen Wogor said, his voice starting to crack. "My heart is now broken. I cannot do anything without her again. They took my joy."

Magdalene and her older sister, Sonia, were killed Sunday evening in a suicide car bombing in Kano, Nigeria's most heavily populated northern city. The girls were helping their mother at a nearby roasted fish stand when the car exploded.

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The Obama Administration is denying visas for persecuted Christians all the while opening the gates for Muslim immigrants and illegals.

We are at war with a religion. It isn't Islam. It is Christianity. And we are all culpable as long as we keep anti-Christian progressives and RINOs in power.

(Hat Tip: TROP)

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