May 20, 2014

Two Muslimas Whine About Being Denied Entry to the US

Don't you know entry into the US is a fundamental human right? Its like totally in the Koran.

A Kitchener, Ontario woman said she felt humiliated when her family was detained for approximately six hours at a U.S. border crossing and then denied entry into the United States.

A shopping trip to Lewiston, NY, was interrupted and ultimately never took place when three family members were detained and turned back. They are upset that they were never provided with an explanation as to why but wonder if it might have been their Muslim attire.

Mehdiya Hudda, 22, a Canadian citizen, was traveling with her husband, a 26-year-old native of Tanzania and her mother, Sabira, a 46-year-old Kenyan by birth who is a naturalized Canadian citizen.

She describes the incident as humiliating, degrading and unjustified.

When approached by a border agent, she details how rather than directing them to pull out of a line, he asked for the keys to their van and placed spike strips behind the rear tires.

They were instructed to leave all of their belongings in their vehicle, including wallets, purses and cellphones and led into an office.

The three were fingerprinted, photographed and held in a room for six hours. Their belongings and vehicle were searched during that time as well.

At approximately 1 am they were released but instructed to return to Canada.

Wait a minute, I think I know what is going on here.


Its that old hot chicks get by with stuff thing again.


BTW, did I mention that Nawal Masaad is innocent? Innocent I say! And being easy on the eyes certainly doesn't hurt her case.

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