May 19, 2014

New 'Smart Guns' Come With Remote Kill Switches

Remember the smart gun technology I posted about a few months ago? If not, go read it first.

Turns out, not only does the smart gun require programming for each use (imagine trying to program it in the middle of the night while someone is breaking into your home!), but the smart gun includes remote access. That means, the weapon could be disabled by satellite.

That might be fine if your handgun is stolen and you want to make certain it isn't used in other crimes. But who else would have access to disable your weapon?

But consider this - Attorney General Eric Holder is already pressing to mandate the smart gun bracelet technology. Also, California has a bill currently pending that would ban selling handguns without smart gun technology.

If gun-control advocates have their way, they won't need to ban guns. They will be happy to let you purchase all the weapons you want. Just don't count on those weapons working when you really need them to work.

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