May 19, 2014

Meanwhile in Libya: Remember Libya?

The Obama administration plot to rid itself of Gadhafi is going smoothly through transition, smoothly I say. I swear! Totally 100% smooth.

ibya's parliament chief ordered Islamist-led militias to deploy in the capital Tripoli on Monday, trying to impose control after forces loyal to a renegade general stormed the legislature's building, in a move that raises the potential for a showdown between rival militias.

The revolt by Gen. Khalifa Hifter threatens to detonate the volatile divisions plaguing Libya since the 2011 ouster and killing of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

For the past three years, multiple militias have run rampant in the North African nation some with al-Qaida-style extremist ideologies. The central government has almost no authority and the military and police remain shattered since the civil war that ousted Gadhafi.

...Hifter could throw off that balance. He launched his uprising last week, presenting himself as a nationalist aiming to restore order to the country. He has vowed to crush the Islamists, whom he accuses of seizing control of the country and opening the door to al-Qaida-inspired extremists. Hifter was once a general in Gadhafi's military, but turned against him in the 1980s and lived in the United States for years before returning to join the 2011 revolt against Gadhafi.

? That Obama is such a total f*cking genius.....

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