May 19, 2014

Fatwa Against UK To Urge Boycott All Muslims to Leave UK

Well that last part of the headline is not true. They threaten that ME Muslims will not go to UK for tourism or buy UK goods. I wonder if that includes the Brit companies that extract their oil or them while they sit on their ass? But I digress.

Sources from the International Union of Muslim Scholars have stated that over 50 of its senior members are preparing to issue a fatwa against Britain in the event that the government takes measures against the Muslim Brotherhood. A committee appointed by Prime Minister David Cameron has been tasked to investigate the movement.

Middle East Monitor The sources also told Asrararabiya that the fatwa will call for the boycott of British goods and services as well as urging Arab tourists not to travel to Britain (promises promises). If the report issued by the committee is negative, they said, the fatwa will consider it to be a declaration of war against the Islamic communities and organizations in Britain and Europe and will fuel discrimination against Muslims worldwide.

One would think that if they were really offended by the UK's actions, they'd leave the UK for sunny warm Somalia. Its like a total Muslim Sharia paradise, no?

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