May 16, 2014

Spencer: On The Anti Sharia Fad

Will it last?

Jay Leno’s wife Mavis said in 2011 that “the Qur’an is more liberal with women than the Bible.” How times have changed: now, just three years later, she is protesting against a ruler who is implementing its “liberal” provisions. This is just one symptom of the cognitive dissonance involved as these stars, who have never said a word about Sharia oppression of human rights, who wouldn’t dare make a movie dramatizing the oppression of women and gays under Sharia, and who aided and abetted the stigmatization of opposition to Sharia as “hatred” and “bigotry,” have now all come down with a case of “Islamophobia.”

Will they now come out for anti-Sharia laws and make wry, charming public service messages calling upon Americans to support them? Will they be drummed out of the trendy Left by their pro-Sharia peers, or is that trendy Leftist/Islamic alliance now crumbling? I expect that neither will happen; rather, in a week or so they will all go back to the Beverly Hills Hotel, with all forgotten and forgiven, just as the stonings and amputations in Brunei begin to increase in frequency.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama has spoken out on behalf of the abducted schoolgirls in Nigeria, and the cognitive dissonance is just as thick. Her husband, of course, has not said a word about the stated motives and goals of the abducting group, the Party of the People of the Sunnah for Dawah and Jihad, more commonly known as Boko Haram (“Western Education is Sinful” or “Books Bad”). What would the Obamas think if they knew that their opposition to Boko Haram could be construed as “Islamophobic”?

Hat Tip: Fearless Phobe Leader #1.

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