May 14, 2014

Shabaab Summer Camp!

I mean why spend the summer in Dearbornistan when you could spend it in hot sweltering death and disease riddled Somalia!

The Somalia-based Al Qaeda affiliated jihadi group Al Shabab Al Mujahideen’s media wing, Al Kataib Foundation, in a video released Tuesday called for Muslims living in the West to "take your Istishhadi [suicide] vest" and carry out a lone-wolf attack.


“The video features a masked jihadi delivering a brief message in English. In it, the man speaks to Muslims living in the West, and asks them to choose from three options,” the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) said.

Aside from carrying out a suicide bombing, the man in the video calls for Muslims living in the West to leave everything behind and make hijra to join Al Shabab's ranks or to stay in the West and be "deceived by the devil," while living among "them” (non-Muslims).
Also see ABCNews.

Reporting via MEMRI

If you're having trouble getting past paywalls and censorship, there is a copy of Mujahideen Moments 5 (the title of the vid) here at

Mujahideen Moments? Gay!

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