May 14, 2014

Iran to Hang Woman For Defending Herself

A young Iranian woman by the name of Reihane Jabari, 26, is on the verge of execution. She was a decorator and in an act of self-defense wounded the shoulder of a man who intended to drug and rape her. After some time the man dies to his wounds.

Reihane is then arrested and after being placed under torture the mullahs’ torturers and interrogators forced her to confess that the murder was meditated and political because the man was the same age as Reihane and after his morning prayers he intended to rape her. He was also a former Ministry of Intelligence agent.

When Iran executes women by hanging, not a proper hanging mind you. They put a noose around the neck and lift with a crane to shouts of approval by the Shia Muslim crowd. She the suffocates while kicking and struggling. A broken neck and quick death ruins the show. Since she is not accused of adultrey stoning her is not likely.

More here at Iran Watch.

Hat Tip: Freedom Messenger.

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