May 14, 2014

Religion of Peace Roundup: Nigerian RAID Controller Edition

When you buy servers from a Nigerian Spammer, sometimes things go terribly terribly wrong.

Bieber to revert to Islam? It might help him with his press problem.

Bieber probed for ‘attempted robbery’
Heh, they said probed. But I digress.

Wrath of Allah finally catches up with Jawa Report. U knew that was coming ;-)

al-Qaeda suffers Fitna.

Newborns fighting in womb. Islam Does say everyone is born a Muslim.

Shocking News! Saudi Arabian citizens visit Italian beach, shocked and offended by hot young Italian chicks in skimpy bikinis. Hot chicks fined.....

just click the image dammit

Boko Haram has love slaves for sale. Is it just me or is kidnapping and slavery wrong? Well yes, except when, you know, Islam/Jihad and all that.

Cinco da Sharia or Tacos are haram for Gringos.

Progressive Indonesia: Caning rape victims, She might count herself as one of the lucky. Its called Sharia.


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