May 13, 2014

Sorry About That!

As you probably know, we had a complete meltdown on our old server. The RAID controller failed and destroyed everything in sight; it took 14 hours just to rebuild the server enough so that I could get in with the forensic tools necessary to extract the remaining traces of DNA data.

But that stage of the process, astonishingly, worked just as it should and every single post and comment was safely retrieved from the blast zone and loaded onto a brand new server.

Now I'm just in the process of getting hundreds of user accounts and web sites all restored to their original condition.

Some files recently uploaded to the server hadn't made it to our off-site backups and will need to be reloaded, but apart from that - oh, and I need to bring comments back on line here - I now return you to your normal Jawa experience!

(Fingers crossed.)

Update by Vinnie We do have a Facebook page whilst you wait.

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