May 05, 2014

California Apartheid On Cinco de Mayo

A California school with a large Hispanic population is constructing a fence to keep American protesters out of view. The protesters were not threatening to trespass. The fence is to prevent the Hispanic students from seeing such offensive displays as the U.S. flag being proudly flown:

A California school constructed a temporary fence to obstruct the view of protestors demonstrating against the school’s ban on American flag shirts for Cinco de Mayo.

In related news:

Cinco de Drinko party at UC Davis is cancelled. Too racist says Hispanic students.

Vice News calls the flag waving harassment as well as racist. Holding "Anti Cinco de Mayo Party" and soliciting patriotic selfies is threatening.

Leftist tweeters complain how racist it is to fly an American flag in America.

CNN reminds everyone how not to celebrate cinco de Mayo in America. For instance, don't try and celebrate it in Mexico. It isn't a holiday there. Strangely, they left out flying an American flag as something you shouldn't do.

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