May 05, 2014

Muslim Students Disrupt Israeli Memorial Day

(Hat Tip: TROP)

From Arutz Sheva (emphasis mine):

Arab students at Tel Aviv University desecrated a Memorial Day ceremony honoring the fallen soldiers and terror victims near the university's dorms, shouting out "Allahu Akbar (Allah is great)" and playing Arabic music at full volume in the middle of the event.

The shouting and blaring music clashed with the memorial siren on Sunday night, during a memorial event by students at the university's Einstein dormitory, reports news site 0404.

Following the incident, Jewish students complained of the desecration on the dorm's Facebook page, noting that the Arab students had interrupted the ceremony with the raucous noise from their apartments in the dorms, an act made more heinous by the fact that students at the event included bereaved family members.

According to screenshots posted in the report, Arab students from the dorm responded to the Facebook comments with insulting words, writing "you should be ashamed of yourselves and hold your ceremonies in silence."

They further wrote, "it's our full right to express our religious thoughts when we want to. ...Your ceremony isn't important and isn't worth remembering! Don't be surprised that I and my people aren't looking to be neighbors with racists like you."

My irony meter just broke.


BTW, there is a reason Muslims are telling the students to hold their ceremonies in silence. In the Pact of Umar, one of the conditions subdued Christians (dhimmis) agreed was to keep bells, clappers, prayers, and ceremonies quiet enough that Muslims would not hear.

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