May 01, 2014

Maldives Approves Execution Of Children

Maldives joins Brunei in making their already draconian laws even more Islamic:

The Maldives overturned a six-decade-old moratorium on capital punishment with the adoption of a new regulation this week that allows for the death penalty to be used to punish certain crimes. [...]

While the age of criminal responsibility is 10 in the Maldives, some crimes under the country's Sharia laws -- known as Hadd offenses -- have an age of responsibility of 7. This means that juveniles could potentially face execution in the archipelago.

I do not object to the death penalty for certain crimes. Capital murders, for example. And some other violent crimes involving rape, abduction, torture, or child abuse. I have no sympathy for those who selfishly destroy the lives of others.

But Sharia Law has no due process. It is a system that presumes guilt until proven innocent. It depends on Allah to intervene if someone is wrongly accused. It accepts that Allah will provide witnesses if the accused is truly innocent. It provides certain benefits and protection to some, especially male Muslims, while denying any legal assistance at all to others. It is a horrible, unfair, unjust system.

Yet we, as humanity, are continuing our slow slide of regression into barbaric Islamic law.

The Abode of Peace To Begin Amputations And Stoning Executions

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