April 29, 2014

Ministry of Irony: Radical Cleric Calls ISIS "The Dogs Of Hellfire"

When is a Radical Islamist too radical for a Radical Islamist?

When they are such butchers that even Muslim's refuse to live under them.

I tried my utmost in private and in public to repel all harm from all those affiliated with Jihad and the people of Jihad, however some of them are drowning in falsehood, evil and misguidance. Their main priority is to ruin the Jihad and not to do good towards it. The onus these words should be held by the command of the Islamic State of Iraq and their branch in the land of Ash-Shaam (Syria).

It has become clear for me with certainty and without a shadow of doubt that this group with its military and Islamic leadership, and whose actions testify that they are ‘the dogs of Hellfire’. And they are most deserving of the description of the Prophet (peace the peace and blessings be upon Him): “They kill the people of Islam and they leave the people of the idols [idol worshippers]. By Allah! If I live to see them, I will kill them like the people of ‘Aad were killed.”

Ha the irony is dripping. The solution to extremist killers is more killing. Islam the one trick pony.

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