April 29, 2014

Value Of A Modern Day Slave: $12.45

The slave trade is alive and well in Islam. Young girls are abducted and then sold as "child brides."

Most of the 234 Borno schoolgirls in Boko Haram captivity have been ferried abroad to Chad and Cameroon after they were married off to sect members on N2,000 bride price each, an elder told Daily Trust yesterday.

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

2,000 Nigerian nairas equals $12.45 in US currency (as of today's date).

Of course, not all Muslims would condone slavery. Many would deny it is an Islamic practice. However, forced marriages and slavery is condoned in Islam. In fact, Islam's perfect example, Muhammad, traded and sold female captives a sex slaves . He also married captive girls.

Some will call Boko Haram extremists who do not represent Islam. Yet they are behaving as the Quran says they should behave - they are following Muhammad's example. So, what does that make them?

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