April 29, 2014

'Culling' Tornadoes Create Twitter Avalanche

As many of you may already know, tornadoes across the south have killed at least a dozen people, with more casualties expected.

For most of us, such news bring sympathy for the victims and the desire to help in any way we can. But for some on the 'tolerant' left, it is a source for amusement and humor:

Tweeters responded.

The interesting thing about the tweet above is that it came from a supervisor at Goodwill Easter Seals of Minnesota. Her name is Jeannette Madden (aka Chapman). Her public profiles are at linkedin and facebook.

It's very sad that, even as a supervisor for a charitable organization, this woman can find no compassion for those suffering through a deadly, natural disaster. She is so politically biased and so filled with hate, her initial response to a disaster is to mock the victims solely because the states in which they live lean opposite to her own political beliefs. That she would praise the deaths of ideological "opponents" - even children - confirms a disturbing trend of leftist hatred and intolerance.

I'm sure not all who identify with liberal thought are as insensitive and vile as this woman. Many on the right and the left respond to disasters in the same way - by putting aside differences and seeking to help those in need. But just as we demand Muslims to speak out and condemn Islamic terrorists, we also need the influential on the left to speak out against such disgusting bigotry coming from among their ranks.

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