April 29, 2014

Islamophobe Arrested in N.J.

Will no one stop this rampant Islamaphobia?!?

Police at Montclair State University have charged a student with filing a false report after an investigation determined that his claim that he was assaulted outside a residence hall was untrue, the school said Monday.

Navjoat Aulakh, 18, of Carteret allegedly said three white men assaulted him and called him an “Islamic terrorist” outside Whitman Hall Thursday night. An alert was issued to students and staff.

But in an email on Friday, Police Chief Paul Cell said an investigation determined Aulakh’s story was “fabricated.”

Like I've said all along, there really is such a thing as Islamophobia. But like racism, it's much more rare than our betters on the Left would have us believe.

Also, stuff like this always reminds me of that one scene from Blazing Saddles ...

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