April 29, 2014

Remember when the Left claimed that the US was the CAUSE of violence in Iraq?

Not that every one on the Left made this argument. Some, we'll call them 'realists', made a much more subtle argument that I don't think is in dispute: We weren't responsibly for the mess Iraq had become when we were there, but we were responsible for removing the only thing keeping the lid on it: the harsh thumb of a brutal dictator.

Ok, that's not a terrible argument.

But many others on the Left made the claim that our presence as an "occupying force" was the cause of instability and violence in Iraq. Remove the cause, and the violence is reduced. This kind of argument is neo-Marxist in origin and is very much in line with all neo-Marxist arguments: America is bad, mmmkay.

The thing that differentiates scientific theories from "theories" is that scientific theories are testable. They are falsifiable. If a theory predicts X causes Y, and then it can be empirically shown that X does not in fact cause Y, then that theory is disproven. (Indeed, scientific theories are not "provable" as many believe, but only falsifiable)

So what can we say about the theory that the US "imperialism" was to blame for violence in Iraq?

A pair of back-to-back bombs ripped through an outdoor market northeast of Baghdad on Tuesday, killing at least 17 people and wounding 42, officials said, the latest spasm of violence to convulse Iraq ahead of parliamentary elections...

Earlier Tuesday, the al-Qaida splinter group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for a wave of deadly attacks across Iraq on Monday, including a massive suicide bombing in a Kurdish town northeast of Baghdad that killed at least 25 people.

The bomber in the Monday evening attack in the Kurdish town of Khanaqin in the turbulent Diyala province blew himself up among a group of Kurds who were celebrating the appearance on local TV of Iraq's ailing president, Jalal Talabani, also a Kurd.

It's almost like the underlying cause of the violence isn't related to the US at all ...

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