April 27, 2014

Return of the USSR?

Just a quick thought on the US vs Russia hub hub. I trust we're probably not going to nuclear war, but if you'll notice the Russian aligned powers are acting as one. In a similar manner as Russian clients behaved during he cold war.

The result, Nothing moves on Syria or Iran. Those issues are on the back burner. Even the Norks will take advantage.

Russia gaining clout and has thrown a wrench into any effort to get them to use their influence on Iran's nuclear program or on Assad's chemical weapons.

If the US and western powers cannot act as one, or continue to act weakly Putin continues to win and some bad situations continue to fester.

The more things change the more they stay the same. It might be to our benefit to dust off some of those old cold war strategies.

But does this disturb me? Not really. The two big dogs fighting will tend to suppress the other conflicts to a point. Besides I've lived through the threat of world destruction before. Ourselves and the Russians had enough sense not to do it. I can't say I trust some of the other powers that far.

Meh. Just don't nuke me ;-)

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